Human habitat expansion and resource extraction are the main contributors to the reduction of species habitat? Does a species have the right to exist and thrive regardless of human needs?

Ecocentrism is an ethical conservation approach, acknowledging the right to the earth's existence. We believe that species existence is a sacred right regardless of human necessity and consumption.

In southern Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, where temperate, desert. coastal and sub-tropical converge with a rich diversity of wildlife there are approximately 1200 species. Of these species some occur only in the lower portion of the Rio Grande Valley. However, due to the expansion of urban development, ranching, oil exploration wind farms and other destructive activities by humans, many of the unique species have become endangered and threatened through the lose of habitat. Among these are: Astrophytum asterias, Aplomado Falcon, Ocolotl, and Lophophora williamsi and many species of butterflies. (e.g. Scientific Investigation Report by U.S.G.S. 2016).

We ask you to join the "Green Lives Matter" campaign, to create awareness of this forgotten and neglected precious and unique ecology.