Meet Margaret

Margaret Behan

Spiritual Advisor

Dedra White Eagle

Grandmother Margaret Behan (Red Spider Woman) is Kit Fox on her mother's side and Rabbit Lodge on her father's side. When she was an infant her grandfather put up a tipi and held a ceremony for her life. "In Cheyenne, such a ceremony is expressed as, 'He planted prayers for me!" As a child, she attended the Catholic Mission and Governmental Boarding schools. She recalls when her parents visited they told her the tribal legends and lessons so she would not forget her culture. Margaret is the fourth generation of the Sand Creek Massacre. Today, Margaret is an accomplished dance leader, award-wining sculptress, author, poet and playwright. She has presented retreats for women, adult children of alcoholics and co-dependents. She is taking an active role as leader of her tribe as a teacher of Cheyenne Culture and the founder of the Cheyenne Elders Council.